Hey, I have an opinion on C.J.Wilson too!

2,098 days. That is how long C.J. Wilson had been on this planet before Yu Darvish showed up. I think it was just that simple for them. By “them” I mean the Rangers’ brass. I truly believe that his personality had little to no bearing on their decision not to aggressively pursue Wilson.  The calculated risk they took was the possibility of losing out during the blind bidding for Darvish.  No Wilson and no Darvish would have led to a different context for judging Wilson. But chalk this up to the growing number of ridiculously fortuitous gambles the front office have wagered and won. I’m no big fan of Wilson’s antics.  I forgive him, however, because at least he seems sincere. There are very little airs put on when he speaks. He truly thinks he is more interesting than you. I can only speak for myself, but he is most certainly correct. As for Friday night’s match-up, Rangers fans should probably just clap when he is introduced and smile. Smile knowing that C.J. Wilson lives in California, so the chances of him dating your sister or your daughter are slim.  Smile knowing that he was really good last year when it was 137 degrees at The Ballpark.  Smile knowing that he can land a plane, race a car, and watch a big ass television, all more than 1000 miles away from you.  Smile knowing that you’ll never have to watch him have a subpar postseason game in a Rangers uniform again.

But most of all, Ranger fans should smile because the team is better. Yu Darvish is going to be C.J. Wilson’s replacement at the top of the rotation. And he is better. Better stuff, better in the clubhouse, better ceiling on his potential. And there’s also the issue of those 2,098 days. So clap early for what C.J. Wilson did for Texas and smile knowing that he’s nearly 6 full years older than his replacement.  Who’s bitter? Who’s better?