Here’s Where I Put Stuff

This is a post with contents I simply wanted to share. Hope you like some of it. If not, it’s worth exactly what you paid for it.


I have watched/listened to this clip at least 7 times this week. I love the cool in the song. Song 1959, clips 1953.


I’m not sure I could like a “live” TV performance, more than I like this one:


Finally, been a lot of hubhub-debub this week concerning the The Dude¬† in Bakersfield, Billy Hamilton. He reached 100 stolen bags and he’s been pretty ridiculous over the last month or so. Fielded a flurry of questions ’bout him, so I’ll tell you, he needs to learn to play centerfield, and the “art” of stealing bases. But that’s what the minors are for. He has an unteachable skill-pure, unadulterated, break-neck speed. I think he’ll get promoted to AA pretty soon and the OF experiment will begin. He’ll probably be there through this season and pop up in AAA next year with the possibility of a late season call-up. If the Reds are in a pennant chase next summer, imagine him as a pinch-runner. Whoa, is right. Anyway, I found some good (not in terms of production) footage of the havoc he wreaks on the basepaths. Keep in mind this is High-A ball. Big league pitchers are about 1000X better at holding runners and for the most part, big league catchers are 1000X better at throwing runners out. Yes, he steals a base, but he is such a profound distraction that his influence is difficult to measure. It is, however, not difficult to enjoy.¬† Ladies and Gentlemen, perhaps the fastest player to play professional baseball in a long, long time, Billy Hamilton:


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