Another Weird Obsession

So it’s obviously minor league baseball’s offseason and my mind and interests are as focused as a toddler guzzling Red Bull.  In between reading Dominican Winter League box scores, scouring mens fashion blogs, teaching pottery classes at the Senior Center, and providing paramilitary support to a couple of local coups, I’ve become minorly obsessed with a town, that’s like, a zillion miles away or something. Ordos is a city in the state of Inner Mongolia in China. Writing this post is probably going to get me on some kind of “no-fly” list with them, but then again so would half of my personal life. Anyway, the Chinese began really building this city up around 2001 and the bottom line is that the place is supposed to have a million residents. It has somewhere around 10,000. It’s a modern ghost town, and it is simultaneously creepy, awesome, and creepy again. I’ll hit you up with some more baseballish posts later, but for now, I wanted to share with you, Ordos China:,29307,1975397_2094521,00.html

I cannot tell a lie. Believe that if you will. I initially “discovered” Ordos thanks to this outstanding short video of some of my favorite 4-wheelers having a session in what must have seemed like a strange, abandoned dream. Without further ado:

Love Ya!

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