Overt Sentimentality

by tepidparticipation

Yeah, well, what can I say? I’m a reluctant optimist, so I wanted to pass on this video. I think it’ll probably end up with about a bazillion hits… ’cause it’s F-ing fantastic!  I have no idea who this guys is, but he’s one hell of an video editor. In some respects, my blog is a semi-tangible attempt to become less of a sports-asshole. I wanted to bring a semblance of joy back to my watching. This video helps. If you watch this and don’t get some chills, or tears, or have your emotional needle moved at all, in addition to being a bit of a smugface schmuckface, you probably shouldn’t ever come to this site again. It’s got Bo Jackson and The Champ in it for pete’s sake!  Thanks for reading! (How many more freakin’ exclamation points do you need!)

As always, Enjoy SPORTS. Love Ya!

Your Friend, Tepid

Overt Sentimentality